August round-up

Welcome to the Rich Bilingual Content monthly news round-up. Summer is all but over here in Cornwall, and what a packed period it’s been, helping my clients with their international marketing, and marketing my own business a fair bit along the way. Not to mention enjoying the sun and sea!

Published brand magazine editor

The first ever edition of Gourmet Magazine has finally been published! This luxury brand magazine boasts a sumptuous design from Art Director Emily Keime and stunning photography from Loïc Bisoli, alongside words by yours truly. The publication was directed by Pierre Souriau of Rackham Ventures and commissioned by Gourmet Deliveries, who supply food and beverages to yachts from their base in the South of France. Gourmet Deliveries have given the green light for future editions of the magazine. Win!

Translating engaging web content

Asterio is a ground-breaking hospitality management system published by Sequoiasoft. Having translated the entirety of the software from French to English, this month I was called upon to translate 5 informative web articles for the Asterio website. Having completed my Yoast SEO course just last month, this was an excellent challenge as I got to apply new knowledge, identifying the keywords in French and adapting them to the search intent and trends of the English-speaking hotel manager looking for new digital tools.  

Proofreading press releases

The latest press release from intellectual property specialists Knowmade concerns the Silicon Carbide wafer market, and which company is best placed to take the lead in years to come. Now, you’d be forgiven for imagining Silicon Carbide wafer as some sort of gelatinous biscuit snack. The truth is, a good translator, writer or proof-reader doesn’t have to master every topic! You just need to know how and where to do your research, and how to adapt your voice to the audience and subject matter. Whilst I’ll never be able to advise the Knowmade team on wafer technology, I can help them master their English voice and avoid the kind of linguistic errors that might detract from their scientific brilliance*.

(*Just one example of why it is vital to work with a professional linguist!)

Forming strategic partnerships

This month, Rich Bilingual Content formed a new strategic partnership with Boost, a Dutch start-up helping individuals to market themselves by fine-tuning their CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles in a number of European languages.

Whilst Rich Bilingual Content essentially operates B2B, helping other businesses market themselves to an international audience, Boost’s B2C services focus on shining a light on the individual, again in an international context. Today’s students and jobseekers are tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs, and together Boost and Rich Bilingual Content will be helping them put their best foot forward, every step of the way.

Oh, and I bought a van

This month I acquired a 2006 LDV Maxus and named it Jimmy. Besides the daily commute to the coworking space, I look forward to taking my work on the road from time to time and enjoying working from new locations.

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